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I'm Abby Sloan, an artist based in Chicago.

As a little girl, I fell in love with painting as a way to put what was in my head, all the big feels, into something physical, something I could literally and figuratively grasp. The feelings I didn’t quite know how to put into words became so much clearer in paint. I painted my way through joy and sadness and confusion and everything in between. 


I now know how to put words to how I’m feeling. Yet paint is still one of my favorite languages. Sometimes it communicates the essence of what I’m trying to say with a richness that words never could. And that is what inspires my art. 


I still create from a place of putting experience into paint. My hope is that in my art, you may recognize a bit of your own experience. That it may bring light and beauty to your space. That you may recognize in it something of how you’re feeling and in that find connection to the art, to me (the artist), and to yourself. I hope my art puts into paint all the big feels into something you can grasp, too.

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