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Holy Anger Print

Holy Anger Print


Inspiration behind the painting:

For a long time, I grappled with what to do with anger. It is not sunshiney or polite, it brings discomfort and often conflict. So I dubbed it bad and tried my best to avoid being angry.


But, emotions don't work that way. Anger is a natural reaction to injustice, a natural response of my body that I have no control over feeling. I've since realized that my anger is not just important but can even be good. A force that I believe could even be called holy.


Without anger, where would the movement into action against injustice come from? So, I will pay attention to my anger. May it be a guiding light to where I need to use my voice, my being, myself in standing up against injustice. May I use my anger to bring what good change I can.

*Credit for the prayer written across her heart goes to my pastor, Jennifer Stephens who so beautifully shared those words during a Sunday service at Holy Covenant in Chicago

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